Monday, July 30, 2012

Front Group For Muslim Brotherhood Paid For Congressman Kieth Ellison's $13,500 "Hajj" Trip To Saudi Arabia?

Patrick Poole at the PJ Tatler lays it bare.  First he quotes Michele Bachman, who said on Glenn Beck's Radio Show about Congressman Kieth Ellison:  "...Well, he has a long record of being associated with CAIR and with the Muslim Brotherhood.  CAIR is an unindicted co‑conspirator, as stated in the large terrorist financing case that we’ve had in the United States of America and so he came out and essentially wanted to shut down the inspectors general from even looking into any of the questions that we were asking. So he wanted to shut it down.  In response I wrote another letter back to Keith Ellison, a 16‑page letter which I would encourage all of your listeners to go and read this letter. It’s what I call a bulletproof letter. I have 59 footnotes with one example after another of the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the federal government…"  Poole then highlights denials by Ellison about his Muslim Brotherhood connections, and proceeds to provide extensive and even more "bullet proof" documentation refuting Ellison's denials, and making a severe defense for Congresswoman Bachmann's assertions. (PJ Tattler)  Read More HERE ...

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