Saturday, July 28, 2012

Censoring The News To Retaliate Against Alleged Colorado Movie Shooter?

English: Commentator and author at CPAC in .
Ann Coulter
"...The eternally fascinating question about mass murder is never the means. It is the psychosis behind the desire to do it. We don't need to know details about the guns, booby traps, bombs or fire starters. There will always be a way to commit mass murder. We want to know why...But that is precisely the information these grandstanders in the media seek to withhold from the public with the pompous justification that they don't want to give the presumed killer attention. For once, the media could deliver information that is both fascinating and potentially useful: What created James Holmes? ... But many in the media have taken it on themselves to censor the news as their personal act of retaliation. Not making James Holmes famous -- even famously evil -- is what people who make their living on TV see as the cruelest punishment they can inflict..." (Ann Coulter)  Read The Full Article Here...
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