Friday, April 23, 2010

Justice! 2nd Navy SEAL is NOT GUILTY in Beating of Muslim Terrorist

Less than 24 hours after his fellow SEAL was acquitted of all wrong-doing, a second Navy SEAL has been tried and found not guilty of allegations that he witnessed abuse of an imprisoned terrorist suspect.


  1. Shame on the Obama administration is right. There's far to many of these cases against our guys going on. This one being the most ridiculous of them all. If anyone thinks this is endearing us to the rest of the world they are dead wrong. We're being made fools of and our bravest are being mocked.

  2. I just want to say thank God there are still people with sense and integrity in this world. ~ Denise Carol

  3. These are enlisted men the govt and the UN are going after, not their commanders, nor their CO's. Plain old "black shoe" squids.

    Going after junior enlisteds in a specwarfare position is wrong, because they are under orders.

    Those orders are specific and to the point. Even though they are most likely classified.

    If it were my call, the guy (the muslim pos) in question would have come up with a rare but deadly case of high speed lead poisoning.

    Do not put our citizens who volunteer for these positions on trial for doing their jobs.

    Non sibi sed patriae.


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