Monday, November 3, 2008

Regardless of who wins....

Regardless of which candidate prevails on Nov. 4th, Conservatives must launch a local, state, national and International grass-roots movement to ensure that there is never an election like this one, ever again.

A political party must emerge from the grass-roots movement of principled conservatives.  If there are not enough people in numbers to effect such, then an active dissemination campaign must be launched to handle that. 

If McCain/Palin wins, we cannot sit back and ride the tide of "victory," because it will not be a conservative victory.

If Obama wins, we cannot be discouraged by that.  Rather it will be time to put our noses to the grindstone and get to work to construct a movement on a foundation that will never again need to compromise.

Our founding fathers faced enormous challenges after declaring their independence from Britain. They did not have the facilities at their disposal in terms of resources and technology that we have today.  Additionally THEY paved the way for us.

We have a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence and not only the multitudes within our borders to whom we can disseminate the purposes of Freedom, but the countless numbers of people beyond our borders yearning to breathe free.

And if I know conservatives, we do not shirk from that responsibility... WE WELCOME IT...

Vanguard of Freedom

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