Monday, October 27, 2008

The New Liberals:

I have removed the gray areas from the following for the purposes of making a point. Indulge me.

Liberals of yesteryear were those people, who were considered open minded, wanted change to improve the country, wanted progress and reform in new ways and were optimistic and idealistic about the future.  They were contrasted by yesteryear's Conservatives, who wanted to maintain the status quo, preferred tradtional approaches, and wanted to stick to what they considered successful actions, tried and true policies, etc.

The status quo has changed.  The establishment is now Liberal, and Conservatives have been thrust into the position of being the defenders of the Constitution, as well as the defenders of the country against its foes.  They espouse sound economic policy, and a positive entrepreneurial spirit, with an enthusiasm reminiscent of post WW2 America.

Conversely Liberals have become the agents of socialism.  While they qualify for the labels of communist or socialist, and while they advance those causes with the unrelenting agenda that marches to the Left, they are not true socialists or communists.

The true socialist or communist is "the common man:"  a worker, a "proletarian."  Yes, he goes to work in company with his fellows, he is "politically enlightened" and participates in a Union, works with his socialist political parties or groups, etc.  When he goes home at night to his family, he goes home to his proletarian, worker house to confront for that week what he is going to eat, how he will make ends meet.  For him there is no huge bank account. His is not in the world of affluence or credit.

Liberals on the other hand get "involved" in their community.  They go out and march in protest marches, organize demonstrations, confront government agencies, adovcate for better conditions, organize community meetings of workers/proletarians in order to effect change, etc.  But they do this with a very significant distinction from what I am calling "true socialists or communists."  

At the end of the day, the proletarian goes home to HIS neighborhood, his house or apartment, his reality of being poor.

The Liberal goes home to his Middle Class trappings, a house with a two-or-more car garage, his college degrees.  In cases where he actually lives in the same community, under the same conditions as the worker/proletarian, the Liberal often has recourse to funds and resources that his benefactor does not.  And, in fact, if he gets frustrated enough, he can pick up and leave any time he wants.

Yes today's Liberal marches to the beat of the socialist/communist drummer.  But when the day is done, he goes home to his bourgeoisie world.

I have never met a Liberal that, for the purpose of commitment and allegiance to their Leftist cause, had turned in their affluent lifestyle, money, materialistic trappings, and their wealthy family connections.

They work to make YOU give up a share of your wealth, to redistribute it. 

Visitors to this country of the socialist/communist persuasion have expressed to me their severe contempt at Liberals.  They are content to have "Useful Idiots" facilitating for their cause, obtaining much needed funds from grants and loans from foundations, providing forums and resources for leftist causes.  But they make it very clear, that in a socialist/communist take-over, these "wild-eyed" ideological advocates are the first ones that have to go.

In moments of unique candor I have heard them express without batting an eye, the necessary incarceration, re-education, and extermination of those who would not conform to their "revolution."  And first on their list were Liberals.

Liberals would be the first to go, because a socialist/communist revolution is not afforded the luxury of dissent or opposition. It must make a severe example of any opposition to its goals, and it cannot afford the embers of a romanticized utopian ideal burning within their ranks that might derail the revolutionary ambition.

Such were the killing fields in Cambodia.  Such were the slaughters in Cuba.  Such was the genocide in the Soviet Union.  This was so much the case, that Russia was left with scant resources in terms of creativity and management and managers. Anything and anyone they considered a threat to their power was eliminated.

So it is, whether it is the Liberals in Congress, the Presidency, or the Judiciary, by way of legislation, judicial edict, or by fiat, these ideologues will turn the country over to socialists and communists. You should remember that when you go vote.

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