Friday, October 31, 2008

It is tragic that a person seeking Freedom and opportunity, can risk everything, their lives, the lives of their families, finally reach this country, work hard, live the American Dream, and wake up one day only to find out that the next President might be one that is friendly to and sympathizes with and is soft on dictators like the one from the country which she fled.

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  1. I am so proud of my wife Carmen. I just wish all could hear the hair raising tales she tells of her planning and escape from the clutches of an evil despot.
    I will tell a short account of which always has made me proud to be an American. Carmen's ricketly, leaky boat had been taking on water and was adrift without power for hours. She had been seasick for long hours and was dehyrdated. A pair of those "crazed convicts" that Castro deported were kind enough to give her their bunk and a slice of lime to wet her lips. As all hope was about expired and the very real possiblity of capsizing or sinking was imminent, a US Coast Guard ship spotted their vessel and rescued all aboard. The sailors treated them all with respect. Gave them fruit, food, juice and blankets. But most of all they welcomed them to America. God only knows who these young men were and I believe He will reward each of them for there actions that day on the Atlantic. I do hope we can continue to be a beacon of hope for the weary and downtrodden who seek a better way of life.


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